PetShield Invisible Dog Fence, Electric Wireless Dog Fence with Collars

PetShield Invisible Dog Fence, Electric Wireless Dog Fence with Collars

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It’s only natural to let your pets love the outdoors. But what about those pets who tend to stray too far from home?

How safe is your pet when you let them run around? Pet protection is necessary, but a traditional fence is costly and may not be the look you want for your property. This Electric Wireless Dog Fence with Collar is the invisible solution you can count on to keep your pets safe and within your yard’s boundaries.

The system works by delivering mild static correction through two contact points that touch your pet’s neck.

electric wireless dog fence system

With a 1650 foot range, your dog can feel free to roam anywhere, such as the park, backyard, or woods.

Dog shock collar long battery life ensures you and your dog can play together without the battery dying. Allow your dog the freedom to play inside or out while providing constructive behavior training 24/7. You won’t need to stop the training process due to a dead battery or out of zone reach.

The Same Transmitter tech Verizon uses to promote 4G LTE

This Transmitter technology was originally made for ultra fast transmissions between internet hubs to transfer thousands of petabytes of data.

Now it’s being used to ensure an effortless transmission of your signal to your dogs collar ensuring 100% connectivity, keeping your dog safe and secure. Foliage, walls or bad weather will not stop the signal from reaching your dog wherever they go.

Customizable Roam Areas.

It is Easy to sync and use on multiple dogs regardless of size. Big or small, long haired or short.

No WiFi, no problem. With a built-in transmitter, connecting your Wireless Remote is simple and convenient. Just pair the device and go.

Works on any dog regardless of size. Big or small, long-haired, or short.

Please Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Over 1.2 Million dogs are injured on the roads each year! Prevent Your Dog from being a statistic and help them stay where they’re supposed to. A containment fence teaches your dog boundaries and is a much better alternative than conventional fencing.


The receiver has a control range of 500 meters (1650 feet) in radius. With the Plus(+) and Minus(-) button on the receiver, you can adjust the transmitters signal level from 1 – 100. This allows you to increase freely or decrease the control range/radius of the wireless dog fence. The level you set will be displayed on the screen of the transmitter.
pet containment system
Attach the receiver to your dog to receive a constant wireless radio signal from the wireless dog fence transmitter set up in your house. If your pet goes beyond the adjustable range, the collar will automatically begin its training function. The collar will begin to beep every two seconds, three times, reminding your pet to return to their area.

Suppose they do not return to their area after the third warning beep. In that case, collar will give your pet a safe wireless fence correction static shock that gradually increases in intensity from levels 1-4 (auto shuts off after 3 cycles) until your pet returns home.

Why this is better than Physical Fence?

Physical fences Normally Cost: $2,500+

  • Avoid Expensive Installation
  • No more jumping/digging around the fence
  • No more HOA Fees
  • Portable, perfect for traveling with your Pet

#1 Recommended Wireless Dog Fence

  • 1650 Ft Radius And Long Lasting Battery.
  • Perfect For Any Dog Size. Big Or Small.  
  • Customizable Perimeter 0-100 Levels  
  • Waterproof IPX67.  
  • Connect Up To 3 Dogs Simultaneously!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Invisible Fence Training Collar will track the distance of your dog by sending out a repeating signal. Once that signal is too far from the Transmitter, the collar will first beep. This teaches your dog that they are going beyond the perimeter you set for them. If they keep moving past, the beeping increases until the collar give a slight shock. If your dog is stubborn or hard of hearing then a shock will make sure they stop running and come back to the zone.

Does it fit small dogs or hairy dogs?

The collar is perfect for any size. Yorkie to Great Dane. Just adjust the strap length to fit your dog’s neck size. A Hairy or trimmed collar can reach your dogs neck perfectly.

How long does the charge last on the receiver?
The Charge lasts about 10 hours.

Does the system work for square and rectangular yards?

The collar works for all types of terrain and yards. Even if your yard is sloped or has hills the transmitter works perfectly for the perimeter.

If mounted inside, does the house become an obstacle or block the transmitter?

No, your house will not interfere with the signal. The built in signal can even go through thick foliage and other items such as concrete and wooden walls.

What’s Included:

  • Training Collar/s
  • Wireless Receiver x1/x2/x3
  • USB Charging Cable x1
  • Power Adapter x1
  • Metal Contact Probes x4/x8/x12
  • LED Test Light x1/x2/x3
  • Screws x4
  • Plastic Anchors x2
  • User Manual x1



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